Flower Care

7 tips for helping your flowers look beautiful in the vase for as long as possible



1.  Fill a clean vase with luke-warm (not cold) water for your flowers and mix in a packet of flower food, which is beneficial for feeding the flowers and keeping the water clean. If you don't use flower food, then changing the water every other day can be just as effective at making flowers last longer. (Note: zinnias and sunflowers do better without flower food.)

2.  Remove any leaves from the stems that will be underwater in your vase.

3.  Cut at least half an inch off your flower stems with sharp scissors or clippers before you put them in a vase, and each time you change the water. Dried out stems won’t absorb water as well as fresh cut ones, and dull blades will smash and damage plant cells.

4.  Change the vase water often. Some flowers are thirsty and will drink up all the water in the vase in just a day or two. Completely change out the water every couple of days and when you do this also trim the stems and rinse the vase to prevent bacterial growth from plugging the flower stems.

5.  Keep your flowers away from heat and bright light which will shorten their vase life.

6.  Avoid placing flower vases near ripening fruit or vegetables, especially bananas and apples. The ethylene gas that some ripening fruit produce also causes flowers to mature quickly and drop their petals.

7.  After you discard your arrangement, wash your vase well in hot, soapy water or in your dishwasher to remove bacterial buildup for your next arrangement.